Ginger Know Your Herbs and Spices

Cross-section of a relatively young ginger root

Cross-section of a relatively young ginger root (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I love ginger root.

Pass me a ginger ale, some ginger snaps and this Christmas we’ll build a gingerbread house together. I use ginger fresh and raw in dressings and marinades. Use it cooked in a variety of cuisines including many Asian and Indian dishes.
Powdered works best in baked goods. Its warm sister spices include cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. These spices together pack a flavor punch and aroma like no other. It makes your mouth water.
Ginger grows well in a tropical climate like Hawaii but not impossible to grow indoors in a sunroom or well heated area. Rhizomes are the root-like part of the plant most people recognize.
Candied or crystallized ginger can be eaten as candy or used in baking and cooking. I like to use it prepared this sweetened way in cookies and salsas.
My Mom always gave me ginger ale when I had a belly ache. The official verdict is still out if it actually helps with stomach inflammation or nausea. I know when I’ve been in the hospital they always offered me ginger ale. Hmmm.

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