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Get Grilling ~ Tips to Start the Grilling Season

Tips to Get Ready For Grilling Season

It’s finally Spring and the sun is starting to shine and temperatures are starting to rise! This means it’s time to think about getting ready to start firing up the grill for backyard BBQ’s!  We have a few tips to help you get ready to start the grilling season. 

Tips to Get Ready For Grilling Season

1.  Clean up your patio.  Over the winter the dust and dirt settle.  Now is the time to hook up the hose and power wash your garden furniture and pressure wash the patio ground.  If you have a wooden deck, evaluate if it is time to add a new coat of stain or paint. 

2.  Check your furniture cushions.  Use fabric cleaner and apply a new layer of water repellant fabric guard as needed. If necessary, invest in new cushions. 

3.  Clean up your grill.  Invest in a variety of tools for cleaning up your grill to start the season. Must have on the list is a spray grill cleaner, a quality grill brush, a grill stone, and if you own stainless, then you will need a good stainless steel polish as well. 

4.  Check you grilling necessities inventory.  Do you have propane, charcoal, wood chips, wood planks, smoker pellets, lighters, etc… 

5.  Take inventory of your cooking essentials.  Check your outdoor dinnerware, cooking utensils (spatulas, pigtail turners, skewers, etc..)  and spices/seasonings collection.  What items do you need to replace? 

6.  Invest in ambiance.  Set up finishing touches to make your space unique such as lanterns, string lights, fire pits, outdoor heaters, patio swings, etc… 

Your READY! 

Mix up some cocktails and invite some friends over to start your backyard BBQ season! 

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