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Genius Gardening Hacks That Will Save You Time

Garden season is almost upon us and it’s time to start breaking out the garden tools! Today, we’ll be sharing some of the most genius gardening hacks that will save you time so you can garden efficiently this year! If you love saving time, keep reading – these gardening hacks are game changers!


Genius Gardening Hacks That Will Save You Time


Gardening Hacks That Save You Time (And Money!)

1. Self watering system!
If you don’t have a ton of time to tend to your plants every day, consider setting up a self watering system. Use a wine or soda bottle filled with water and flipped upside down into the soil to water your plants slowly over time. The plant will absorb what it needs as it needs it. This will allow you to water less frequently while keeping your plants nice and hydrated!

2. Deter pests!
If you’re worried about pests, deter them with one of the most genius gardening hacks around! For bigger pests, space out plastic forks throughout your garden to deter them from walking through and helping themselves to your vegetation. For smaller pests (or frost risks), cut the bottoms off of gallons and place the gallon over the plant for protection!

Pro Tip: You can also make your own watering can out of old gallons! Just cut holes in the lid and you have your very own DIY watering can!

3. DIY garden markers.
Instead of purchasing supplies to make garden markers, consider using whatever you have lying around the house! Even stones in your yard will do. Just paint or use permanent marker to write on them and mark your plants! Check out our tutorial on DIY Garden Markers!

DIY Garden Markers | Farmhouse Style

4. Compost/fertilizer!
Instead of consistently having to buy fertilizer for your garden, consider doing a compost bin and making your own! Save all your kitchen scraps (aside from things like meat) and use it to fertilize your garden! Egg shells are also a great resource and one of the easiest gardening hacks around is to lay egg shell pieces around the base of your plant to keep pests out and give a calcium boost to your plants!

5. Grow from kitchen scraps!
Rather than go out to buy seeds, use kitchen scraps to grow your favorite and most used vegetables! Things you can grow from scraps include: scallions, lettuce, celery, avocado, potatoes, garlic, onions, and more!

What are your favorite gardening hacks that save time and money? Share in the comments below for your fellow gardeners!

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