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Slug FAQ

Over the years, I’ve gotten many questions on what to do about slugs and snails.
I actually like escargot served on garlic toast. Still, I’m not about to eat garden slugs or snails.

Here’s a few frequently asked questions and solutions. Hope they help.

What are slugs and how do they hurt my garden?

Slugs are snails without shells. These slimy creatures feed at night on leaves and seedlings.
During the day, they hide under mulch, boards or rocks or anywhere they find shelter from the sun.

Why do people suggest using beer to trap slugs?
Slugs are drawn to fermenting foods. Beer traps draw slugs to where they fall in and drown. The problem is keeping pets or other animals from drinking the beer!

How effective are bait traps?
Bait traps are very effective because they contain a pesticide designed for mollusks. But keep in mind the poison can be toxic to humans, pets and fish.

What is a better way to control slugs?

Lay flat boards or wet newspaper between rows at night. Slugs will crawl under these for daytime protection where they can be collected and removed. Reduce mulch to 3 inches or less and get rid of garden debris. Scattering washed, ground egg shells around plants helps by creating a barrier slugs can’t cross without damaging their soft bodies.

Have any slug solutions that worked for you? Send them to me at cindysrecipesandwritings@gmail.com and I’ll include them in future issues.

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