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Garden Gifts for the Bird Lover

We enjoy watching birds come and visit our yard and know many of my friends do to.  In fact for many it is a hobby. Selecting gifts that attract birds is a great way to show you care. Gifts for gardeners are abundant and finding them for the bird lover is a fairly easy task. Great for any occasion and your friends will love it! 

Garden Gifts for Bird Lovers

Birds are naturally drawn to flower gardens. Pick gifts that provide bird seeds and items that attract a variety of birds. Here are some ideas to help get you started! 

Hanging or Statue Bird Feeders

Bird feeders attract  many beautiful birds.  Choosing a plain bird feeder such as a simple plastic tube filled with birdseed
that has a dispenser at the bottom is perfect for hanging in trees or on the patio. These are simple, work well and low in cost. For a more extravagant gift, pick from a selection of statue bird feeders available in many different styles to fit any personality! 



Stone Bird Baths

How about choosing a  stone bird bath and watch birds splash about in the water on hot days or grab a bath early in the morning. Birdbaths also come in many themes and can compliment your yard.  They will attract an assortment of birds all year round. stone birdbaths are strong can add beauty to your yard for many years. 



Cedar Bird Houses

Birds love bird houses!  It provides sanctuary and shade for the birds. Cedar is a top choice because it doesn’t warp and decay, as well as stays cool in the hot summer. Cedar is also a natural pest repellent keeping bugs out of the birds home.  There are many cute styles available from small to large! Any bird lover would be happy to receive a cedar birdhouse as a gift. 



Garden Gifts

For a unique gift for bird lovers who have it all, try selecting items that help in decorating the garden and aid in growing and showing off the flowers birds love such as arbors or a trellis.  As an alternative, pick something decorative like sculptures and fountains.  Maybe even some patio furniture to sit back and enjoy the views. 


There are so many choices that bird lovers are sure to enjoy and your bird loving friends are sure to be so grateful!  

Happy Bird Watching! 

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