I was recently challenged by a brilliant company who is encouraging a positive outlook on life to find MY “Bright Side of Life” and share it with the world.  Fruttare, is not just challenging me but challenging everyone to “Bite Into the Bright Side”. 

First, what is Fruttare? So glad you asked!  Fruttare is new line of frozen fruit bars which just hit freezers this Spring!  You can find “Fruit and Juice Bars” or “Fruit and Milk Bars”.  Each made with REAL fruit.



So what’s my story?  It was pretty timely actually.

When the HOT temperatures hit and our air conditioner failed, I thought it was awful!  Well, it was actually.  When it hits 100 and you have no A/C then you can’t open your windows because the neighbor has decided to spray the crops with pesticides ( I live next to a cherry orchard), it is pretty miserable.  

BUT… we decided to pull all our mattresses off our beds, lug them downstairs into the living room and have a family “campout” with fans.  Well… there we stayed for 6 weeks.  The A/C was not an easy fix… replaced the whole darn system.

What I discovered in those 6 weeks is how much fun we could have as a family, just hanging out, lying around on those mattresses, watching movies, talking, playing games, and yes…. eating Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bars to keep cool! 

Now that we have cool air again, I find myself missing that family time.  Now everyone wanders off to their own beds in their own rooms.

It is a good reminder to FIND THE TIME to spend with your family.  You will create memories you never expected!  

So now a little more about these Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bars… 

We tried the Mango Fruit & Juice Bars and the Coconut & Milk Bars.  We have a split decision.  I LOVED the coconut but the kids voted for Mango. (I think they just like to disagree with me no matter what).

If coconut or mango is not your thing… then luckily you can get them in Strawberry, Coconut, Banana or Peach and Milk Flavors, OR Strawberry, Orange, Mango or Lime and Juice Flavors.  


fruttare flavors



These delish bars are now available in 15 Countries for YOUR convenience and hopefully will inspire YOU to have a POSITIVE outlook on LIFE as well! 

At a suggested retail price of just $4.29, they area easily found at mass merchants, grocers and convenience stores nationwide. 


What is YOUR story? 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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