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{ Frugal Friday } Newlywed and Broke #Newlywedandbroke

Today I have a fun frugal friday tip for you all.  Many of us have experienced being newlywed and broke. Young and in love, floundering your way through being newly married and trying to make ends meet. Sound familiar? I know we were there 14 years ago.  Me just out of school, married my sweetheart of 6 years, just starting out in an apatment we really couldn’t afford.  Ahhh good times!  My tip: Check out Newlywed and Broke! 



If you answered yes, you can relate to being newlywed and broke,  you will will LOVE the new project by Reko and Kat, stars of Newlywed and Broke.  The catch is… they can’t make it happen without YOUR help.  You see, they are working hard at fundraising on Indiegogo.com to get the series started.  First as a web series and hopefully picked up by network TV.  

They describe it as a “Modern Day I Love Lucy”.  Serious! I LOVED I Love Lucy and can just imagine it with a modern spin on todays problems for newlyweds.  Fun, Fresh comedy. Imagine all the comedic situations you encountered as newlyweds trying to make money.  Now imagine them magified in a sitcom. I just think back to us in that apartment, kids from down stairs throwing fireworks onto our balcony, picking up stray kittens that ended up having lice, me trying to cook (I’ve come a long way) and smoking the place out, the earthquake that almost shattered 6 wine bottles all over the floor…. good times, lol! 


Newlywed and Broke: An IndieGoGO Campaign from Ingenium on Vimeo.


I wish I had these “broke tips” for frugal Friday like this one from Alex when I was starting out:



Ha! I’ve always wondered about which ticket to buy… now I know from the expert, lol!  Maybe I would be lying on a beach somewhere blogging this if I had found this 14 years ago πŸ˜‰ 

They actually will be doing a series of you tube webisodes including “Broke Tip Tuesday” with videos like the one you just watched!  

Got a great “Broke Tip”  Leave it in the comments on the Indiegogo page and they will consider using it! 

Seriously, this single camera comedy that takes a fresh look at living life on a budget when you are young and just starting out is a nice change of pace from traditional reality shows.  I can’t wait to see the hilarious situations Kat and Reko get into! It’s sure to get you giggling and talking about the show to all your friends. 

Perhaps the most impressive part of this campaign is that they are a non-profit campaign ( which means tax-deductable everyone!) and it’s the first time  first time that crowdfunding campaign manager, John-Michael Scott and crowdfunding campaign promoter, Philip Cardwell have joined forces in support of a crowdfunding film project.  β€œWhen John-Michael called to explain the shows concept and the previous accomplishments of the group involved in the project, I felt obligated to take a look. What I saw, was a well-crafted, hilarious pitch for, what I believe will be, a future primetime TV series,” stated Philip Cardwell, Founder of Universal Media Consultants.”

What does all that mean? Well, that means that people who know TV and success, know that THIS is a project worth supporting.  We are asking you to consider taking a look at the videos and pictures and perhaps even make a tax deductable donation to the project to make this comedy happen.  To help sway your decision to donate, there are multiple levels of perks you can purchase to help them reach their goal, including a chance to pitch YOUR ideas for an episode! Check it out on Indiegogo.com


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