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It’s Motivation Monday again! I found this quote about Success is Not the Key to Happiness, Happiness is the Key to Success, recently and it really resonated with me and defined my year in 2016 and will continue to guide me into 2017. 

You see I had worked really hard to get my writing to the point where brands took notice and would want to bring me on press trips and allow me to travel. While travel is still something I long for, I found that when I was successful, that kind of travel wasn’t making me happy. 

I found myself being invited to exotic locations and staying in luxury resorts… but I was missing important moments at home. I found myself reflecting on how much my family would have loved it. Travel is special… and I wanted to do it with loved ones, not strangers. 

So I found in 2016, I changed my focus. I used my writing and blogging skills to increase my time at home. I cut back my regular job to 2 days and picked up more digital and virtual assistant jobs to allow me to work from home and be there with my family. My kids are teens, I need to embrace that time while I have it! 

Travel is still in my heart and from time to time, if it works out, I’ll still do solo press trips, but more often than not, I’ll use my time to travel with my family instead. 

This is what is making me happy in the now… which means success! 



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So today, I thought I’d answer my own questions for our Motivation Monday Series! 


Name: Tracy Iseminger
Blog Name: Daily Dish Magazine
How long have you been blogging?   4 years
What is your goal in blogging? 
Initially, it was to help make extra money to eventually travel, now the focus has shifted to working from home or anywhere else I want to be! Along the way, it’s also been a mission to build Daily Dish Magazine to help promote and support other bloggers as well.
What do you struggle with most in blogging?
TIME. Managing time is tough when you are balancing home life and “real jobs”. It often gets put on the back burner until you carve out more time!
What do you think helps motivate you most in blogging? 
Little victories. Seeing page views go up, comments from real people who appreciate your work, brands who are interested in partnerships because they value your work, and making new friends in the blogisphere.
What is your biggest success in blogging?
The ability to only work 2 days out of the home and spending the rest of my days at home with my family. Making new long lasting friendships online.
What recommendations can you make for others who want to start their own blog?
Take the time to really think about what your goals are in blogging. Take some time to learn about SEO and social promotion, networking, etc… Find a few good support groups to ask questions along the way. Never give up! If you find you struggle, it’s OK to step away for awhile… your blog will be there until you get back. Always make sure that your happiness is your success!




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