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Free Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern ~ Easy Blanket to Sew!

Easy to Sew Christmas Blanket Free Pattern

Christmas is coming and I’ve been busy making gifts for my friends and family (and me!).  Recently, my girls and I have spent a lot of time in our new “crafting room” sewing.  It’s such a joy sharing this space and hobby with my kids and we’ve been creating memories I will never forget.  Half the fun is just working together to come up with ideas and see it come to life.  Since we are all beginner sewers, we pick designs we know we can handle and use basic techniques.  I love how this easy Christmas Tree Blanket turned out and wanted to share with you how easy it is to make! 

Free Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern

Easy to Sew Christmas Blanket Free Pattern   Now, since I am a beginner, I really don’t know all the technical terms and can’t give you step by step instructions, but I did layout the pattern for you and tell you how much of each fabric you will need to complete the project as I did.  We used Snuggle Flannel Prints from Joann for the front, and Fleece for the backing.  We opted to put in a lightweight batting as well since this is to be a winter blanket to add a little extra warmth!  Find all the supplies you need at Joann Fabrics!   (some of the fabric I used is now unavailable but I found a few cute replacements!) 


Click the links above to buy from Joann


1 1/2 yards white and red dot snuggle flannel

1 yard lime green chevron snuggle flannel

1 yard penguin snuggle flannel

1 yard bear snuggle flannel

2 1/2 yard red dot blizzard fleece

1 Spool matching all purpose thread 

Comfort batting at least 59×90 (optional)

1 Package matching embroidery floss (optional)


Now simply print this handy pattern and you are about set!

  Free Pattern Christmas Tree Blanket  

Click to Print: Free Christmas Tree Blanket Pattern


Now putting it all together is actually pretty easy.  Because it’s how I do things, I start by cutting all my front fabrics into 10×10 squares.  The snuggle fleece I buy from Joann lets you easily get 12 10×10 cuts per yard, so you would need one yard of each fabric expect one (the dark green), for that, I’d buy a yard and a half to get your extra 2 squares.  

From there, I start laying it out and figuring out which squares I need to cut in half lengthwise, how many 5×5’s and how many diagonal to make my pattern.  

*You certainly do not have to cut this way, you could make longer peices to fit pattern if you prefer, ie: 10×20 vs. 2 – 10X10’s.  Both ways will work equally well! 

Once I have my pattern laid out, I simply start sewing rows across together to form long strips.  To sew together, place two adjacent pieces together with fronts facing and sew together on one side so when you open, the seam is on the back side of fabric.  Repeat this process from one end of your pattern to the end until whole row is sewn together. 

I then start sewing all those strips together to complete the front of the blanket in the same manner.  Don’t worry if your ends are uneven, you won’t notice once you sew the back on! 

Once your front is done, lay out your backing (front side up) and then lay out your front (back side up) so that fronts face each other. There should be about 4 inches extra fabric on both top and bottom of the backing, this will be cut for decorative fray later. 

Sew together on the 2 long sides of blanket. (leave top and bottom open) and then turn right side out. 

Insert your batting between the front and back and pin in place.

Sew top and bottom of blanket securing all pieces together (don’t worry about raw edges of fabric, they fray up nicely over time and create a soft look).

Cut off extra batting showing on top and bottom.

Cut backing into 1 inch strips to form a decorative fray on top and bottom of blanket

To help keep your batting in place over time, you can either sew with a neutral color along seams to secure it in place or use embroidery floss in several places to tie it together.  To do this, cut a strip of embroidery floss about 3 inches in length, insert through all three layers and back up to top of blanket and tie a knot, trim off excess.  This secures the batting in place.  I chose this method with a matching lime green and picked several spots on the corners and on tree to place my ties for a more decorative look. 

*If you do not use batting, there is no need to secure your front and back together with extra stitching or embroidery floss. 

Christmas Blanket Details

Free Christmas Blanket Pattern How-to


I apologize if it sounds confusing, but believe me, once you get started, it’s so easy and turns out fabulous, even if you happen to get a little “off” in sewing your seams! 


Happy Holidays

and I hope YOUR project

turns out wonderfully! 





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