seed packet example

It seems I get free calendars this time of year everywhere I go, even to my mailbox!

Usually I save the ones with pretty pictures and large block dates spaces to note everyday appointments and reminders. Then there are those calendars that I’ll never display but are still good, so I hate to throw them away!

One good use is to start a garden journal.

I know, it is only January so what could I write?
A journal will help you keep track of your garden by season. Log what you planted and when to expect harvest times. Keep track of what worked and what didn’t work for you.
Keep a record of when and where you ordered each plant. This will help you “weed” out 😉 unsatisfactory suppliers. Adding this information will also come in handy if you need advice about the plant or seed.
At planting time, add the dates and item/items planted. Check for bloom dates and harvest times on the packaging. Skip ahead and list these dates in the appropriate places on your calendar.
Save or scan and save pictures for reference if you desire.
Here’s what to look for on a typical seed packet:

seed packet example
Seed packet example copyright Cindy Kerschner 2013

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