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Forever Fairy in a Jar Craft

Forever Fairy In a Jar

Forever Fairy In a Jar

Those twinkling neon mason jars that you have probably seen on Pinterest are an amazing craft that kids will have hours of fun with. This Forever Fairy in a Jar Craft is glow-stick free and lasts night after night! It also works during the day with a more subtle sparkling shine.

Forever Fairy in a Jar

You will need:

-1 glass jar (The jar used in the image is from a dollar store! It is actually a parmesan cheese jar just like you see at pizza restaurants. However, any glass jar will work.)

-Mod Podge Sparkle

-Glow Medium Craft Paint or Acrylic Glow –in-the Dark Paint

-Your favorite color of Acrylic Paint

– Glitter

1. Add 3 tablespoons (Or enough to cover the inside of your chosen glass jar. Measurements do not need to be exact) of Mod Podge Sparkle with 2 tablespoons of the Glow Medium Paint, a few drops of the basic acrylic paint and a generous shake of glitter directly into your jar.

2. Mix the contents together in the jar until they are completely combined.

3. Roll the mixture so it covers the entire inside surface of the jar.

4. Flip to drain over a trash can or paper plate and let it dry overnight. (At least 9-12 hours.)

5. Paint the lid with your favorite color of acrylic paint and immediately sprinkle some glitter onto the wet surface.

6. Once everything is dry, tie a string through the holes in the lid so your children can carry it like a lamp.

This will glow night after night as long as you charge in light. Let it sit under a bulb or shine a flashlight on it if you are playing outside to increase the glow at night.

During the day, drop in an LED tea light to turn it into a sparkling lamp or a nightlight!

The glow-stick method works too, but only lasts a few hours. And, as you snap glow-sticks, glass is broken to release the chemicals that cause the glow reaction. This glow paint version is safe, nontoxic and you can it keep forever!

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  1. Andrea says:

    I like the holes in the lid! I think you could hang a paper fairy from the holes with a piece of thread too!

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