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Food Dictionary ~ Brine

Today I thought we would talk about “Brine” on Food Dictionary.  Since Thanksgiving is coming up, some of you actually may choose to brine your Turkey.  Just How do you Brine and what does it do? 

Simply put, a Brine is just a mixture of salt and water.  This salt water mixture is then “flavored” with spices and juices to season your meats. 

English: A Thanksgiving turkey that had been s...

English: A Thanksgiving turkey that had been soaked for 10 hours in a brine of water, salt, brown sugar, cut and squeezed lemons and oranges, and chopped onion. Roasted in the oven in a roasting pan, for nearly 4 hours. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The key is creating a mixture with a higher salt concentration than your meat.  This allows the liquid to absorb into the meat when sitting in the brine, adding flavor and moisture. This also speeds up the cooking process. 

Sounds easy right? Well the biggest hurdle is planning.  It is necessary to brine your meat for several hours for the best results.  A whole Turkey could be in a brine for 24 hours.  It then should have some time to sit out of the brine before cooking as well. 

You really can brine just about any meat for better flavoring. Have YOU tried it? 

I have to admit, we LOVE Alton Brown for all his scientific answers to food.  If you are considering trying to brine your turkey, I highly recommend you check out HIS recipe! 

Alton Brown Roast Turkey Recipe





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