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Food Dictionary ~ Braise, Deglaze and Mirepoix

Here is another word you here in recipes and even in titles of recipes like “braised short ribs”.  Although I kind of in my mind know what it means, I actually didn’t know the real definition so I thought “Braise” would be a good one to learn about together.

Simply put, Braising is more of a process.  

Your meat is seared in an oven safe pan on all sides with a bit of oil.  Once done, remove the meat and add your seasonings and liquid to “deglaze” the pan (removes the stuck bits of goodness from the bottom of pan that will add flavor to your sauce). Today you also get a three for one, that mixture is now called a Mirepoix.  

Braised Ox Cheek in Star Anise and Soy Sauce.

Braised Ox Cheek in Star Anise and Soy Sauce. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then we “Braise”.  Add you meat back in to the oven safe dish and bake it covered at a very low temperature.  This will produce a super tender meat.  


I like the suggestion given by Bon Appetit to reduce your braising liquid once done to create a thick gravy like sauce for your dinner! 



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Source: WikipediaBon Appetit

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