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Food Dictionary ~ Bechamel Sauce

 Food Dictionary: Bechamel sauce


I love all these beautiful words in food and cooking but I have no idea what they are, what they mean or how to make.  Bechamel is one of those words.  What is it exactly?

It is actually a french word for a simple white sauce made with a Roux (you remember this word from last week!) 


Mushroom sauce

Mushroom sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Traditionally the ingredients for a Bechamel starts with butter, and equal part flour, and milk slowly whisked in until your sauce reaches the desired consistency. 

You can build this basic white sauce into virtually any kind of sauce you like by adding various seasonings, spices and add-ins.  Cheese is a popular choice! 

Have YOU made a Bechamel? What’s your favorite to use it? 




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  • I use it as a started for mac and cheese, baked potato soup, garlic cream sauce (but with olive oil instead,)cheese sauce used for breakfast pizza, cream of mushroom gravy, and more. It’s so versatile!