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Fitness Gear for the New Year

It’s almost the new year and time for all those New Year Resolutions. Did you resolve to get fit, eat better and exercise? Well, you’re not alone.  Many people have the same resolutions and are searching for the right gear to make it easier. , I had the opportunity to test out a few of the new, latest and greatest fitness gadgets on the market from ATT that promise to help you meet your goals. While FAB in theory… how did they measure up to real life testing? 

Fitness Gear for the New Year

Well, I have to honestly say, not so good. I REALLY wanted these gadgets to be the motivating factor to get me back in fitness mode, to help me get moving and drop the extra weight I’ve put on over the last two years.  Yet here I sit with both the Pear Sports Fitness Band and the HealBe GoBe sitting on the counter getting dusty. 

Don’t get me wrong, they are both based on a wonderful idea and have some real value to those who are looking to improve their health, however, I found the execution of the idea fell a bit short. 

Let’s start with the Pear Sports Fitness Band.  It promises to help guide you through your workouts based on your bodies feedback via the fitness band and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. “A Coach in Your Ears,” to guide you back to health. 

Installing the app and set up was easy enough but I found that there was a limited number of free fitness routines. Honestly, I’ve already invested in the equipment, I don’t want to pay additional fees for good routines to go with it. 

Now even if there was a large amount of free fitness routines, having to put the fitness band (monitor) on around your chest is quite uncomfortable.  I felt as if I was constantly messing with it and interfered with me focusing on my workout.


Pear Sports Fitness Band & App 
Pro: Easy to install App, coaching to guide you through a workout, motivational

Con: Uncomfortable, additional costs involved


Now let’s talk about the HealBe GoBe .  I LOVED this idea of a bracelet that monitored your calorie and water intake, stress and more.  Again.. GREAT idea… when it worked. 

Unfortunately, the bracelet, no matter how I wore it, could not get a reading which led to know feedback on anything. I cinched it up tight, wore it loose, turned it this way and that and as soon as I finally got a reading, if I moved and inch, I lost it again. Sigh… 

For the short time I got it to work here and there, the feedback was useful and would definitely help me watch what I am eating and keep me drinking water, etc… BUT it just would not work most of the time which leaves it sitting on my counter doing nothing at all. 

Hopefully they can work on the sensor a bit and the next generations work a bit more reliably. 

HealBe GoBe

Pro: Great idea, provides a lot of useful information, motivational, easy to wear

Con: Spotty connection resulting in no information




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