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Find your Easter Bunny Name

Easter Bunny Names

If you have little kids, then you might be aware of how funny these name games can be that you find on Facebook.  We recently had a lot of fun finding our “rapper names” and “leprechaun names” and that inspired my daughther (age 7) to make her own “Find your Name” game.  “Find your Easter Bunny Name”.  Of course, she saved her favorite names for HER letters!  So if your first name starts with “A” and last name “I” – then consider yourself to be extra special, lol!  

My little girl sat down and came up with all these names, got on to picmonkey and typed them all in and designed this all herself.  A little blogger in training for sure!  

I hope you have as much fun as we did finding your Easter Bunny Name! 


Find Your Easter Bunny Name! 


Easter Bunny Names


Have fun and Happy Easter from: Trixy Fluffy Tail! 


Click to Print: Easter Bunny Name Game


Please leave a comment with YOUR Easter Bunny Name!!



Easter postcard circa early 20th century
Easter postcard circa early 20th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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  1. Gwendolyn says:

    I’m Thumper Marshmallow. So cute…all of these names are great>thnx:)

  2. Candy says:

    Candy sparkle pop. Luv it

  3. brooke says:

    oops i had capital letters on. my bad!!!!!

  4. brooke says:

    My Easter Bunny Name Is Trixy Sugar Kiss. I Bet She Looks Cute. All Of Your Easter Bunny Names Are Cute. LOL!!!

  5. Kimberly Lynch says:

    According 2 the name list our bunny’s name would be “DIZZY JUNIOR”…… However my son came up with the name “ABBOT DA WABBIT” . I don’t know, what o you think?

  6. Gabbriel Dodd says:

    It was so cute and the name I got was awesome thumper marshmellow and u know the best part is I love marshmellow and thumper is from Bambi and I’m a big Disney fan and it would mean a lot to me if u could tell her she’s a very smart kid. 🙂

  7. Evita says:

    mine is eggy doodles

  8. Kathleen Ashford says:

    My son’s name is Daffodil Doodles. And my husband’s name is Clumsy Doodles.

  9. Kathleen Ashford says:

    I am Dizzy Lemon Drop.

  10. Thumper says:

    Thumper Candy Junior

    1. Thumper Candy Junior says:

      So CUTE.

      BE MINE

      Jhon Hems

  11. Daffodil Bunny Hop says:

    She did a great job! I usually end up with something really awful when I do these things, but Daffodil is so pretty. And I know how to do the Bunny Hop, so I’m all ready for Easter. 🙂 Please thank her for me!

    P.S. She’s way ahead of me ’cause I can’t work picmonkey. 😉

  12. Very cute! I’m Candy Doodles, I can live with that lol!

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