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Fennel Know Your Herbs and Spices #DailyDishMagazine

Fennel tastes like a marriage between celery and licorice.

 Crunchy enough for a raw salad with apples yet hearty enough to stand up to cooking. These bulbs go well with bean dishes and are in the heart of Mediterranean cooking.Its seeds are often used in sausage mixes. You can even roast the whole bulb and eat it plain.

Fennel (Photo credit: Satrina0)

I like to slice fennel and fry it in a little olive oil with onions. Throw in a dash of red pepper flakes and some black beans. Delicious!

This bulbous herb with the feathery fronds (much like dill) packs a punch with antioxidants and fiber!

If you grow fennel plant some extra to leave for Black Swallowtails to munch on!


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As a professional cook, I love creating exciting new recipes on the job as well as at home. Assisting in teaching low-income families how to buy, store and prepare healthy food through Penn State’s alliance with Pennsylvania’s Supercupboard Program was very rewarding. During my 11 years with the Master Gardener program, I taught horticultural therapy to assisted living patients using healthful, fr
esh grown food as a focal point. . My hands-on programs and instruction helped hundreds of children and adults learn about where their food comes from and how important fresh food is for your body.
Currently I’m a cook at a college in Pennsylvania. We prepare everything we can from scratch, including our potato chips that tout the seasoning of the day!
Of course I write about food; it's in my blood!

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