Fast Power Packed Lunches to Get You Through Your Day!

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I love working from home, but it isn’t without its challenges. It means I am sitting in front of a computer all day without much movement or interaction. It also is very easy to snack on whatever you may have on hand instead of eating a proper lunch. Over time, this can take its toll on your body if you don’t make sure to take the time to get up and move, as well as take the time to make sure you are eating a balanced meal to fuel your body.

I’ve found what works the best for me is to stock up on Healthy Choice® Power Bowls and smartwater when I go to my local Walmart.



I know when I eat Power Bowls I’m getting a hearty power packed meal because they take the time to balance the ingredients to include vegetables, proteins, and whole grains, to help fuel my body for the rest of the day. Using a combination of simple ingredients with bold flavors Power Bowls give me the energy I need in an easy and delicious flavorful way!


Earn .75 cash back when you purchase Healthy Choice® Power Bowls at Walmart (any variety – any size)



I always pair my Power Bowls with smartwater not only for its pure taste but for the balance of electrolytes added to the vapor-distilled water. I prefer to drink the sparkling variety I find at Walmart with my lunch and grab the sleek and stylish smaller bottle with the sipper top to take with me on my post-lunch walks to boost my energy for the rest of the day!



Today, I have invited a friend to join me for a quick lunch before our walk so I cooked up 2 varieties of Power Bowls. The Chicken Sausage and Barley Bowl and the Adobo Chicken Bowl.


Chicken Sausage and Barley Power Bowl


The Power Bowls cook in the microwave in under 4 1/2 minutes making them the perfect lunch solution to avoid bad snacking during the day. It has to be quick, easy and delicious to make it work and Power Bowls deliver!


Adobo Chicken Power Bowl


After we’re done fueling up with Power Bowls, we grab our smartwater and head out for a power walk around the neighborhood to make sure we add some movement to our day rather than just sitting behind the desk. 

How do you re-energize during your lunch break? Here are a few ideas!

  • Eating a Balanced Meal – eating a balanced meal such as Healthy Choice Power Bowls makes sure you get all the fuel you need to make it through your day.
  • Stay Hydrated – To keep up your energy it’s important to stay hydrated with smartwater to fuel your body with electrolytes.
  • Take a Power Walk – take a quick walk to increase your heart rate and re-energize for the afternoon.
  • Yoga – take a few minutes to stretch and do some yoga to release the tension from sitting and working all morning.
  • Weights – lift some light weights or do some push-ups and squats using your natural weight to get your muscles moving!


Look for Power Bowls in the freezer section of your Walmart store

and find smartwater in the water aisle!


Commit to eating balanced and stay active! What Power Bowl will you choose?  

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