Most gardeners think of fall as a time to put the garden to rest. Clear out the seasonal plants. Turn the compost one more time. Maybe plant some tulips, daffodils or garlic.
Have you ever considered planting a meadow?
It makes sense to plant wildflower seeds in fall to enjoy an early spring garden. That’s the way Mother Nature does it, right?
In Autumn, seedheads dry out and fall to the ground. Leaves fall from the trees and bury the seeds under a future pile of naturally occurring compost.
First sign of spring, those little gems start growing and produce the next garden.

Some advantages to late fall planting

  • Weather is too cold to start seeds sprouting but warm enough to work the soil.
  • Less weeds to contend with before, during and after planting.
  • Don’t need to bury seed. Press it into the soil. So you share a few with the birds, that’s okay!
  • Fall Wildflowers bring Spring Meadows. Collect seed now from spent plants. Buy any seed or enlist a seed exchange when possible. Put the rest of the plant in for compost.
    Spread the seeds evenly over the bare area. Press into the ground.
    Don’t water in or at all! Don’t encourage growth.
    Enjoy your new garden created with the least amount of effort!

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