leaves wheelbarrowWhat are your garden plans for fall? Planting and weeding? Raking and staking? Well, you’re not alone.
According to a national survey conducted by The Garden Writers Association of America, 71 percent of American households will do some form of outdoor gardening, while 67 percent plan indoor gardening.
Most gardeners surveyed stated they garden inside and out for decoration (41 percent) followed by clean up (39 percent). One quarter of the gardeners also add new plants for color (26 percent) and plant bulbs for spring (25 percent).
Raking leaves tops the list of fall maintenance chores by a whopping 55 percent. Rakers are in good company with pruners at 51 percent.
Haven’t gotten around to cleaning that lawnmower? Don’t feel bad — only about one-third clean their tools in autumn.
One in five gardeners are inspired to do a little yard work by the change of season. After a long hot summer, it can be nice to be outside.
But necessity pushes most of us to fall garden. Lawn care was not a fall priority in most households. Only 20 percent bought seed and 31 percent planned to lime or fertilize.
The most popular methods taken to prevent winter damage are to bring plants indoors (30 percent) or mulching (30 percent). But 40 percent do nothing and let nature take its course. Only 8 percent use some sort of deer control.
The major indoor activity for gardeners is growing houseplants (39 percent).
One in 10 will propagate stem cuttings, force bulbs and/or grow windowsill herb gardens. Artificial light is used by 6 percent of those surveyed. About one in 20 also grow orchids. The survey also concluded the women (46 percent) and parents (45 percent) are more likely than men (31 percent) and households without children (36 percent) to grow houseplants.
So what are most gardeners spending their money on this fall? It is almost a five-way tie among fall flowers, houseplants, perennials, mulch and fall decorations.
No matter where we live, gardeners share a common bond — love of plants and the Earth … and chores, chores, chores.

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