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Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s Impact Against Depression

Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s Impact Against Depression

Whether it’s a matter of personal trouble or a poor decision made in the workplace, instances like these 
could lead to depression. However, it’s easy to say that it could be hereditary as well, which means that 
people must take proper care of themselves in this instance as well. There may be various medications 
suggested but what if someone does not want to utilize these substances?
In order to prevent depression from making its symptoms known, extra virgin olive oil, in addition to 
other food items, may be a surprisingly effective substance to take in.
While olive oil stands in the eyes of many as a product to utilize for physical benefits, it’d be wrong to 
say that there aren’t mental benefits as well. A couple of years ago, the Olive Oil Times detailed that 
detailed the impact of extra virgin olive oil in terms of preventing mental illness. A study that entailed 
12,057 volunteers in the SUN Project and they were looked at in order to identify various conditions, 
stroke being one such example. After observing these volunteers with their lifestyles in mind, it was 
shown that none of them suffered from depression.
It’s clear that this study lends credence to the idea of olive oil being beneficial for one’s mental health 
but why does this stand as the case? In my opinion, it’s worth looking at an entire regimen as opposed 
to the oil itself. For example, the Mediterranean diet is viewed as one of the more healthful regimens, 
given the amount of wholesome food that is included. It’s clear that olive oil has influence on the matter 
but what about foods like vegetables and fish which hold nutrients and fatty acids that can impact the 
There is also a level of focus brought onto fruit and one of the reasons for this is because of the 
plentiful antioxidants they boast. This is especially the case when it comes to citrus fruit, as it’s been 
said that incorporating oranges, grapefruit, and items of that nature can not only benefit the diet but 
the skin, in many cases, as well. Antioxidant content is also why red wine can be consumed within the 
Mediterranean diet but individuals should be mindful of how much they take in.
Did you know that a deficiency in vitamin B12 can result in various cognitive problems, not only related 
to depression but memory loss as well? This is why it is important to include such foods as lean meat 
– fish and chicken as the most preferred – and beans. These stand as protein sources as well, which 
means that the brain is able to gain more fuel. If you are able to incorporate salad with a particular kind 
of dressing, preferably with omega-3 fatty acids, your cognitive pattern will be all the more preserved.
At this moment, there is no medicine that someone can take in order to fully prevent memory loss, 
dementia, or any other cognitive impairment that could develop over the course of time. However, 
there are ways to suppress or slow down the process and many of them, from what I have seen, have 
been heavily rooted in diet. Here is a quick rundown of what the Mediterranean diet calls for:
– Fruit
– Vegetables
– Lean meat
– Whole grains
– Nuts
– Olive oil
– Red wine (sparingly)
With a broad spectrum of products that many conventional diets should incorporate more often, 
cognitive help is well within reach.
Thank you to R. Sutter for contributing this article to Daily Dish Magazine! 
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