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Eating for Your Health: Olive Oil

The Health Benefits of Olive Oil

If you read about food or health, you have probably come across an article at some point telling you you about the health benefits of olive oil.  That being said, I think many people still shy away from any fat.  However, you need some fat and olive oil brings too many health benefits to ignore. 

Aside from a good dose of vitamin E, olive oil is full of phytonutrients  that provide a multitude of health benefits.  Olive Oil has been shown to be anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, reduce digestive cancers, bone healthy, and have cognitive benefits.  

So, how can you get more olive oil in your diet?  This is actually relatively easy.  You can substitute olive oil for other fats in most recipes – yes even baked goods.  Many times, I have made muffins or oil cakes with olive oil.  I have also make a rosemary olive oil pie crust that is my absolute favorite for savory pies.  In fact olive oil usually substitutes for other fats well except when you are using really high temperatures. Olive oil begins to smoke in the upper 300 to lower 400 degrees, but most of my cooking is done at 400 degrees or less, so I have not had problem.  But, despite the baking and frying possibilities of using olive oil, I do have to say that my favorite use is probably in salad dressing.  You can  quickly add a little vinegar, herbs, and garlic and come of with a quick easy dressing that is so much better than any you could buy.

Sources:  The World’s Healthiest Foods

                   Olive Oil Times

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  1. G’day! Always good to know what one is cooking with! I have been leaning away from olive oil using more grapeseed oil in my cooking and baking these days! Thanks Michelle! Great post!
    Cheers! Joanne

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