Easy Wave Petunias

easy wave 2013

I love petunias!

So I jumped at the chance to test trial this Easy Wave Petunia Collection from Harris Seeds . As a member of Garden Writers of America I get to preview some wonderful varieties of flowers and veggies from time to time and I want to share those finds with you!

Wave Petunias have been around for a while but there are always exciting new colors and varieties add each season. This round I got to try Easy Violet Wave and Coral Reef. Aren’t the colors gorgeous?

Like all wave petunias, these new varieties are hardy and easy to care for in planters or planted directly in the ground. Petunias can tolerate light shade but should be planted where they’ll get at least 6 hours of full sun.
Remember to water containers often and feed your new beauties weekly with a light liquid fertilizer. Deadheading will help new blooms reach their fullest potential.
These Easy Waves will reward you with beautiful flowers all season long. Look for these varieties and more brilliant Waves this December in Harris Seeds 2014 Catalog!

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