Easy Spider Halloween Wreath

Halloween is almost here but don’t fret, you still have time to make some last minute easy decorations before the big day! We’ve already shared some great crafting ideas in the past weeks and today, I have one more fun idea for an easy spider Halloween wreath.  My sister made this and I fell in love with it an had to snap a quick picture to share it with you all! 

Easy Spider Halloween Wreath


Isn’t is adorable?!?!


and SO simple too! 


All you need is:

* Foam Wreath

* Gauze Wrap, Cheesecloth or White Batting (get creative with what you have at home)

* Black Ribbon

* Plastic Spiders

* Hot Glue Gun


Wrap or glue your “webbing” material around your wreath making sure it’s secure

Glue Spiders to wreath

Tie ribbon on to hang




See….  I told you it was easy!! 


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