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Easy Rustic Wood Jewelry Hanger

This rustic wood jewelry hanger is super easy and fun to customize to any decor!


Homemade Rustic Jewelry Hanger


If you liked the easy coffee cup hanger , pallet mason jar hanger, and the pallet wine holder,

then you will LOVE how easy this DIY is!


Items Needed:

15-Inch Piece of Pallet Wood



3/16 Drill Bit

5 Cabinet Knobs

Tape Measure



Picture Hanger



Rustic Jewelry Hanger


Begin by measuring and cutting your piece of board, using your handsaw, off your pallet.

If you don’t have a pallet, a piece of older or distressed looking wood will do just fine. Be sure to remove any old nails.



Using your tape measure, give yourself a 1.5-inch space on each end of the board. This should give you 12 inches in the middle for placing the knobs.

Using your pencil measure from top to bottom to find the middle of the board and make a mark. Be sure to make your marks on the back of the board and not the front.



Once you find your middle, make a mark every three inches down that middle line.

Using your drill and the required bit (make sure to measure whether or not this bit matches the thread sizes used on the knobs you have as sizes have a chance of differing), drill a hole through the board on all 5 marks you made.



Dust off the board and begin putting your knobs in. Most are as simple as unscrewing the nut, slipping the screw through the hole, and tightening with your fingers.



Once your knobs are on, flip the hanger over and on the top of the back of the board, use your hammer to tap in your picture hanger.



Be sure to not hammer it in too far if your knobs have extra threads sticking out.



Hang and enjoy!



Print the Instructions for Later:


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