Easy Paper Basket Craft for Kids

This paper basket craft is super easy for kids and so much fun to make in a variety of different colors!

Easy Paper Basket Craft for Kids | Perfect for Easter Baskets!


Colorful Paper





Easy Paper Basket Craft for Kids!

Step 1: Cut a piece of paper to size using template below

Step 2: Cut 4 strips on each corner of the paper.

Print This Template

for Standard Size Paper

Step 3: Now cut the large middle part in-between the strips according to the template.

Step 4: Fold up the triangular parts.

Step 5: Now join the ends of the four strips together of any side one over another

Step 6: Then glue the four strips with the triangular part. Similarly glue rest three corners.

Step 7: Now take a different colored piece of paper and cut a long strip approx. 1 inch wide for handle.

Cut 2 circles in a 3rd color just slightly wider than your handle.

You can use a marker to add a little detail to the strip for fun!

Step 8: Then glue the strip on the basket to make a handle for the basket and add circle cutout at end of the handle.

Easy Peasy!

*to make larger or smaller, print template and scale it up or down.

Measurements do not need to be precise for this to work!

Click to Print: Paper Basket TemplatePrint Directions Below

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Easy Paper Basket Craft for Kids | Perfect for Easter Baskets!

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