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Easy Hanging Herb Garden

This Hanging Herb Garden is super easy and cheap to make and will add so much character to your space!

Hanging Herb Garden DIY

Items Needed:


Begin by taking your lid off of your mason jars and removing the part that covers the top, leaving only the part that screws onto the jar. Flip this part upside down and drill two holes, directly straight across from each other, on each side of the lid. You may need to put something under it. You can drill through like a scrap piece of wood. This will give you leverage and make drilling it so much easier.

Next, cut your chain into (3) 9-inch pieces. Each end of all the chain pieces should have a full, intact link at the end. Take both of these links, on each end of the chain, and cut it in half using the clippers at the back of your needle nose. Spread the broken links just slightly apart. 

Slip the chain into the holes you drilled in the lid and then press the broken chain link back together using the needle nose.

Fill your jar with dirt, plant your herbs, and then screw the lid on while holding the chain straight up. This ensures that the chain will hang correctly once the lid tightens down. Do this for all three jars. Set aside.

Next, take your piece of pallet wood, measure in one inch on each side and mark it. From one of the marks, measure over 4 inches and mark again. Be sure these are perfectly in the middle of the board. Using your drill and the same bit, drill a hole into each spot you marked.

Using the holes in the board, screw the hooks into each hole until they’re nice and snug. We used a picture hanger on the back of our herb garden so we could easily move if we wanted to but for the sturdiest results, secure it directly to a wall, fence, etc.

Once the hooks are in place, hang the board wherever you like and then hang your jars from each hook.


Super easy! You can easily customize this project by swapping out style and color of hooks, staining your wood or even using a wood burner to create a unique piece!  

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What are you going to plant in your herb garden and how will you customize it?

Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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