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Easy Decorating Tip…

Here is an EASY decorating tip to help update any group of photos/frames in your home.

Over the years my husband, the Colonel, has received many

awards, certificates, diplomas, etc. from the Army.

And like any GOOD WIFE, I have framed them

and they are hanging on the wall in our library.


Over the years I always tried to get the same type of frame…OAK.


But for quite awhile I haven’t liked the way the frames didn’t match.

They were all different styles of frames; different shades of oak.

And I thought it would be nice if they were all BLACK, 

however, I didn’t want to go out and purchase all NEW frames.


I took the frames apart and laid them on a drop cloth in our garage and the Colonel proceeded to spray them all BLACK…


This is one wall in our library…



The framed single medal is the BRONZE STAR

the Colonel received for his work in Afghanistan.

He actually received it on Christmas Day 2010.

That was a nice Christmas present while being away from home.


“We” did this a few years ago with our family

 picture wall at the top of the second floor stairway.

Again, we had an assortment of

oak frames and they were looking rather old and boring.


I took all the frames apart and the Colonel very nicely spray painted

them BLACK.


The result is really nice…



So instead of running out and purchasing all new frames,

why not grab a can of spray paint

and see how beautiful old frames can look…




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