Earth Day Dirt Cup

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Today I have a cute idea for kids and adults.  Since it’s Earth Day, why not make some dirt cups?  These yummy cups look like muddy dirt.  When I made them, we added a little halloween flair and turned them into Graveyard Cups.  Get some Pudding, oreos, cookies, gummy worms, and you are ready to go! Have a fun Earth Day! 

Graveyard Cups!

Earth Day Dirt Cups



chocolate pudding


gummy worms

milano cookies

gel frosting



1. Spoon some pudding into plastic cup.  Top with some smashed oreo and a gummy worm. Next, write RIP or whatever you want on your milano cooke and stick it into the pudding so that it looks like a little gravestone.  Now, you have an adorable snack that kids will LOVE.


Enjoy 🙂

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