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Join me in celebrating the spirit of Earth Day all week long! Here’s a fun Earth Day children’s story I wrote to share with your young ones. It explains Earth Day from the animals’ point of view. Enjoy!

The Big Question

One sunny spring day, Butterfly and Squirrel went for a walk through the meadow. Butterfly stopped. “I hear singing,” Butterfly said. Squirrel nodded. He heard it too. Squirrel crawled closer and poked his head through the tall grass.
They saw a group of children playing in the glade. The boys and girls held hands and danced in a circle. Round and round they danced and sang songs about Earth Day. The children’s hands broke free. Everyone laughed and tumbled to the ground.
Squirrel wrinkled his nose. “Earth Day?” Squirrel said. “I know what day means but what is earth?”
Butterfly shrugged. “I don’t know either, but it sounds like fun. Maybe Bird knows.” Butterfly shouted towards the sky, “Hey Bird! What is earth?”
Bird landed on a branch of the apple tree. “Earth is a game,” Bird boasted.
“What kind of game?” Butterfly asked.
“Well, first you …” The words stuck in Bird’s throat. He didn’t really know about earth.
“I think earth is food,” Squirrel said, “Like acorns. I know acorns make me happy!”
Butterfly said, “Maybe earth is a flower.”
“Earth is a game!” Bird shouted.
“No, earth is food!” Squirrel insisted.
“Earth is a flower!” Butterfly yelled.
Their argument woke Bear who was napping under the apple tree.
“When I need to know something,” Bear said, “I ask wise, old Mr. Owl. He lives high on the mountaintop, way past the clouds.”
Butterfly sighed. “The mountain looks so far away.”
Bear had an idea. “I’ll take you there,” he offered, “All aboard!”
The friends climbed onto Bear’s back for the long journey. “Hang on tight,” Bear warned, as he dashed across the meadow. Squirrel pinched his nose shut when Bear swam across the stream. Through the field and up the big mountain they went, past the clouds to the top where Mr. Owl lived.
Everyone jumped off Bear’s back and ran up to the big door in the old oak tree. Bear rapped on the door. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! The big door squeaked open. Mr. Owl stepped outside.
“Mr. Owl,” Bear asked, “Would you please tell us what earth is?”
Mr. Owl smiled. “Earth is where our food grows and rivers run. Earth gives us air to breathe and shelter from the cold. Earth is home.”
From then on, all the animals gathered every year on earth day. They each celebrated the earth in their own special way. Bear pulled fallen branches out of the stream. Bird sang songs. Squirrel planted acorns to help grow more oak trees. Butterfly danced from flower to flower; spreading pollen to make berries grow.
After all their work was done, they sat down to a huge picnic. Everyone was happy to help the place they called home.

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