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Dollar Store Crafts for Halloween

Halloween Dollar Store Crafts ~ Daily Dish Magazine

Halloween is almost here and we have been busy crafting getting ready for our Halloween party next weekend.  While I love to decorate, I don’t love to spend a lot of money doing it, so we always head to the Dollar Store first to see what we can find.  This year, they have a ton of great items and with a little creativity, we turned some average items into something fantastic as well. Check out these Dollar Store Crafts for Halloween and get inspired.

Halloween Dollar Store Crafts ~ Daily Dish Magazine


Happy Crafting! 


Easy Haunted House ~ Dollar Store Halloween Crafts

Simply grab a candle stick and decorative house both found at the dollar store, spray paint them black and glue together! 

DIY Haunted House ~ Dollar Store Halloween Crafts




Easy Muffin Cup Liner Tree ~ Dollar Store Halloween Crafts

Using a foam tree shape, pin the muffin liners around the tree starting from the bottom working your way up to the top. So simple and great craft for the kids! 

Muffin Cup Liner Tree ~ Dollar Store Halloween Crafts




Halloween Serving Tray ~ Dollar Store Halloween Crafts

I found this tea light holder and lined it with orange scrapbook paper and then topped it off with a simple black picture frame decorated up for Halloween. Perfect serving tray for your Halloween Treats! 

Halloween Serving Tray ~ Dollar Store Halloween Crafts



Easy Witches Broom ~ Dollar Store Halloween Crafts

I picked up 2 rolls of raffia from the dollar store and simply bundled it and wrapped it onto a stick that had fallen into our yard. We are making several along with a “Broom Parking” sign to place outside the front door!

Easy Witches Broom ~ Dollar Store Halloween Crafts



Easy Fall Tree ~ Dollar Store Crafts

This time I used the leftover raffia and foam cone to make a simple Fall tree. All it takes is wrapping and overlapping, using pins to secure loose ends. I topped it with a pine cone I found in the yard. EASY!


Halloween Decor ~ Dollar Store Crafts

I love the Dollar Store had little black ravens this year.  We grabbed some sticks from the yard, spray painted them black and dressed up the light above the table with the branches and birds. Easy project an makes a BIG impact on the feel of the room! 


Wine Glass Cozies ~ Dollar Store Crafts

These cozies are so easy to make themed for any holiday. I kept this one simple but plan on embellishing them all up this week for Halloween.  Simple cut 2 pieces of felt a little larger than the bottom of a wine glass. Use thread or embroidery floss to sew edges together. Cut slits in top to allow glass to slide in and out. 


Raven Wreath ~ Dollar Store Crafts

If you can’t find feathers at your Dollar Store they are pretty cheap at Joanne Fabrics or other craft stores. We simply glued them to a round wreath and will place one more of those fun Ravens from the Dollar Store in the middle! 



Are you inspired yet? We’d love to hear YOUR ideas too. Please feel free to share them in the comments! 



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