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Since Disney’s Dog With a Blog first aired, we have been faithful fans.  Why? The obvious… I blog, we have a cute dog that looks similar to Stan, and I have a daughter named Averie.  But the real reason we were hooked is because this show delivers a family that is blended, trying to adjust and going through the same kind of things most real families are.  While the talking dog (Stan) is a cute addition, he is not what this show is all about.  Each episode makes us laugh and learn, and sometimes even cry.

Dog with a Blog

Tonight, a new episode is airing on the Disney Channel.  If you are a mommy like me, you will want to tune in with your kids for a heartfelt mommy/daughter moment between Avery and Ellen and to see how Tyler handles his own teenager issues. 

Our "Stan"... Brittney

Our “Stan”… Brittney

Avery is having some struggles and finds it hard to communicate her problems to her family.  Instead, she gets irritable and avoids the issue.  She finds herself jealous of the relationship between Ellen and Chloe and further distances herself by being short with her mother.  Bennett (the child psychologist dad) gives some advice and allows Ellen and Avery the time to sit down and talk things through.  Always the responsible one, Avery realizes that she does not have all the answers and still needs a mom.  It’s a touching moment that any parent can relate to. 

Meanwhile, Tyler, the oldest and handsome brother finds himself with a bit of a crush of a new co-worker, Emily.  What’s harder than having a crush on a co-worker? When that co-worker is the niece of the Boss! 

dog with a blog tyler girlfriend

Tune in tonight to see how the James-Jennings Family handles these situations with a bit of humor and heart.  Aires tonight, November 1st 2013 on the Disney Channel! 

Being that I myself have 2 girls and we have had many of these mother/daughter moments and even those conversations that they didn’t want to have, this episode really hits close to my heart.  Even as they continue to grow, we must always remember that a daughter needs their mom no matter how strong they seem.  I live next door to my mother as well and not a day goes by where I don’t still go to her for her advice.  I am truly blessed and I am thrilled to see the mother/daughter relationship brought to life on Dog with a Blog


My girls and their cousin

I was lucky enough to visit with some of the cast at D23 2013 and these actors are truly a pleasure and I enjoyed them all! 




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