What to do if I have influenza or a cold

The flu is upon us… and it is everywhere, but there are things that we can do at home

to either lessen the symptoms or prevent them.

Influenza – it is here

** I do want it to be known that I am not a physician but have taken care of many patients with influenza as a Registered Nurse.  These are all things that I, myself think are important in trying to keep yourself healthy and free of complications.  If you have any concerns about the symptoms you have, please contact your own physician. What can you do about it.. 1.  Wash your hands frequently and often to prevent symptoms from getting worse and spreading of germs.  Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

2.   Drink plenty of fluids and keep hydrated.  Drinking hot liquids will help to relieve nasal congestion and prevent dehydration.

3.  Plenty of rest.   Resting will help your body to direct its energy in fighting the virus.  This is a good time to stay at home and curl up under a blanket and sleep… you have permission to do this.  Sleep with an extra pillow or two under your head to help drain your nasal passages.

4.  Stay at home.  If you have influenza or a cold the best place for you is at home.  Don’t go out and spread your germs.   If possible stay at home for a day or two after your fever is gone.

5.  Gargle.  This will help to moisten and temporally relieve the pain of a sore throat.

6.  Steamy Showers.  These help to moisturize your nasal passage and relax you.  If you feel light-headed or faint due to the flu, you could run a hot shower and sit on a chair as you give yourself a sponge bath.

7.  Hot or cold packs over your sinus may help relieve some of the sinus pressure and pain.

8.  Blow your nose frequently and often.  Do not sniff back the mucous back in.  The right way to blow your nose is to press a finger over one nostril while you gently blow to clear the other.

9.  If you have an underlying medical condition, elderly or infant you may want to call your doctor earlier then if you have been healthy prior to a cold or influenza setting in.


10.  Prevention is the key:  Good Handwashing, Healthy Eating, and Regular Exercise


There are many home remedies that might help you

These are some that people have used on my search through Facebook, friends and the internet.

The only thing that I personally use is a cough syrup called Buckleys and lemon or ginger tea with honey.

This list is by no means in a way of importance or is not a cure for the flu or cold:

1) elderberry syrup

2) echinacea

3) broth made with rosemary, thyme and fresh garlic

4) eucalyptus oil

5) virgin coconut oil

6) peppermint oil

7) oregano

8) green tea with raw local honey and elderberry syrup

9) a bag of cranberries and an apple- juiced

10) Alka Seltzer

11) ginger

12) Vitamin C

13) Zinc

Good Luck and Stay Healthy


Sources:  Living Healthy Winter 2013, WebMD

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  1. Great suggestions! I use Sambucol syrup and drink elderberry juice; haven’t been sick (not even a cold, thank God) since Dec 2010. And I’ve never had a flu shot, don’t believe in them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sandra and commenting. I was the same about the flu shot until a few years ago and then changed my mind.

    2. Thanks for stopping by Sandra and your comment. I felt the same about the flu shot until a few years ago and then I changed my mind… I am also in close contact with the flu now then before.

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