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DIY Kitchen Drawer Organizer

The new year often brings resolutions to get organized, whether it’s organizing your home, office or everything in between.  If your goal this year is to organize your kitchen, then I have a great tip for you!

My kitchen drawers are a constant source of organizational challenge for me.  I clean them out and reorganize them, only to have them disorganized again a few months later.  Sometimes it seems that every drawer in my kitchen is a “junk drawer”.  But then I found an idea on Pinterest that has changed my life… DIY Kitchen Drawer Organizers!



There are a bunch of variations of this idea out there, but Under the Table and Dreaming has a great step by step tutorial for creating them.  Basically, you’re just creating your own shelf dividers that install into your drawers.  The great thing about this idea is the flexibility; you can make your dividers as big, small, narrow or wide as you’d like!  And this is so much better than those store bought drawer organizers that never quite seem to fit the drawer space correctly; you can fit them to size and they’re custom made!

I love how much cleaner and more organized my drawers are since making these, and don’t let the fact that they’re DIY scare you; it’s literally a matter of cutting small pieces of wood to fit the size and shape you want for your kitchen drawers.  It’s so easy that I’m planning to put them in every drawer of my house!

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