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DIY Jewelry Holder

DIY Jewelry Holder - easy to make and inexpensive/ Daily Dish Magazine #DIY #jewelry

DIY Jewelry Holder

Are you like me and your jewelry looks like this 90% of the time?

DIY Jewelry Holder/ Daily Dish Magazine #jewelry #DIY


I was forever trying to untangle my necklaces, every time I wanted to wear them.  It didn’t matter if I would try and keep them all in separate areas in my jewelry box or threw them in when I was done… They always ended up in a jumbled mess.  I complained, I cursed, I shouted it didn’t matter ~ the Jewelry Gods did their job and jumbled them up.

My husband finally got tired of my complaining or making him untangle my jewelry and came up with a wonderful way to keep them all separate and not tangled.   The first thing he decided to do was to switch out one of my shelves in my medicine cabinet.   I am lucky enough to have a large dressing table with medicine cabinets on both sides of the mirror.  We needed to take out two of  the shelves so that there was enough room for my necklaces to hang.  

Jewelry Holder in Medicine Cabinet

To make the wooden shelf he measured the glass shelf and cut a piece of scrap wood the same size.  Sanded the wood.  On the bottom of the wooden shelf, apply small hooks and place in cabinet and hang your chains and necklaces on each hook.   

For my longer necklaces he made a rack that I attached to  the back of my closet door.


For this project we used scrap material of wood, cut in the length desired.  We used two pieces of wood, one smaller then the other and glued them together.  Sand and varnish wood and let dry.  Add small hooks to the top of the wood and attach to door with small finishing nails.  Hang chains and necklaces.

I love both of these ideas and now I don’t have to fight with a ball of tangled necklaces every time I want to wear them

and all I have to do now is train them to hang themselves when I put them on the my dressing table.


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