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DIY Indoor/Outdoor Herb Jars

I love using fresh herbs when I cook, but buying herbs at the store is expensive.  I pay an incredibly marked up price for my herbs in the store, and I usually only use a small amount of the herbs and the rest goes bad before I have a chance to use it.  I don’t have a lot of space for an herb garden in my yard, not to mention the weather in Arizona isn’t always conducive to growing fresh herbs.

Then I found a great solution to this problem on Pinterest!  DIY Herb Jars!  This is a great, decorative way to grow herbs either indoor or outdoor, not to mention a big money saver, as I no longer need to waste money on a bunch of herbs I won’t be able to use in time; with these herb jars I just snip off what I need when I need it!

I found this idea for Mason Jar Herbs on Pinterest from Camille Styles.  With just a few basic supplies I was able to create a small collection of herbs.  I chose the herbs that I use frequently but don’t use large amounts of; parsley, rosemary, thyme, and mint, but you can use whatever herbs you like best.  I  also added some small pebbles at the bottom of each jar for better drainage of the herbs.  Keep in mind that this idea is really meant for smaller growth of herbs.  With the limitations of the size of the jars, you won’t get giant herb plants, but you will get enough to regularly snip off small amounts of herbs when you need them. This herb jar collection can be used indoors or outdoors.  Last year, I grew them outside but unfortunately I lost my herbs when the AZ summer sun took over, so this year I plan to hang my herb jars indoors with the hopes that they will grow year round.



DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden


Here’s what you’ll need for your herb garden: 

One long, narrow wood plank, approximately one inch thick; I just used an extra piece of wood my husband had in the garage.  It looks better if it’s a little worn, so if you choose a piece of wood that’s newer, you can sand it to make it look worn, or even whitewash it.

Three mason jars-I used quart sized mason jars.

Three hose clamps

Three wood screws, I used one inch wood screws

Potting soil

Small pebbles or rocks

Herbs of your choice


Space the mason jars evenly on your wood board, then attach the clamps with wood screws at desired spaces (you may want to pre-drill the holes for the wood screws in advance)

Once the hose clamps have been attached to the wood, place the jars inside of the hose clamps and tighten the clamps until the clamps fit tightly around the jars.

Place pebbles in the bottom of the mason jar, then add soil and plant herbs.

DIY Indoor/Outdoor Herb Jars

***Note: you may also use chalkboard paint and chalk to label the space around your herbs.  See the original idea from Camille Gardens for instructions on labeling with chalk paint.

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