Disney's Planes

Did you all know I’m a huge Disney fan?  Have I mentioned that I am going to D23, the biggest Disney fan expo there is?  

Well one of the special treats is a screening of the premiere of Planes.  They will be screening a special 3D  presentation with special guests, but we are not the only lucky ones, it comes out on Friday in all theaters! Yay!

Disney's Planes

If you are a fan of Cars, then you will love Planes too.  It’s not just for boys, all the little girls are sure to love it too with a strong message for all. 

“Dusty Crophopper” has dreamed all his life that he would one day be a famous high-flying racer.  There is just one small problem.  He is afraid of heights.  

He looks for help from a former star of the sport and has to face his greatest fears.  


Will Dusty overcome the obstacles and reach his dreams?

This movie inspires in true Disney fashion and I can not wait to see it on Premiere Day at D23!



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