Dining Around the World, Do You Know Your Etiquette?

Table manners and how a dinner guest conducts themselves when dining in a person’s home or out at a restaurant, say a lot about a person’s command of and respect for the rules of etiquette. Most people will know what is considered polite in their own country, but what if they were on vacation in Europe or Asia? Would they know the particular standards of etiquette required so as not to offend their host or hostess?

In India for example, meals are traditionally eaten and served on the floor on a rug. Diners would sit around in a circle formation and would not be using any utensils such as a fork and a knife. Instead, Indian’s would use their hands, but they would only ever use their right hand when placing food into their mouths. If however you were visiting France, you would eat at a table, but you should only ever take a seat when guided to do so by your host or hostess. The polite dining rules in France also dictate that you finish everything on your plate, but if you are drinking wine, you should leave your wine glass almost full if you do not want any more.

For a look into the dining habits and the polite etiquette required in eight countries around the world, see this infographic produced by Killarney Hotels for more details.


Dining Etiquette Around the World IG - Larger Size


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