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Diet Wine? Yes Please! Light Grape Wines

When the heat comes on, BBQ’s on the patio start and I’m always looking for something refreshing to drink.   Problem is, the heat means swimsuit season too, so my drink must be waistline friendly.  Is there such thing as diet wine? Let me introduce you to The Light Grape.  This line of wines are only 80 calories per glass (5oz). … Seriously! 

Disclaimer: I was able to taste these wines at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion on the taste and quality.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

light grape wine

I was skeptical because usually “light” anything are overly sweet and taste odd.  I really like a bold red wines and dry whites, so I was thinking I would not be very pleased when trying these. 

I chilled the whites and decided to start with the white blend.  It was FANTASTIC!  It wasn’t too sweet – a soft citrusy flavor that felt very fresh on the palate.  This is actually a perfect porch sipping wine. 

Next I tried the Chardonnay.  Again, I was pleasantly surprised.  It has a tripical feel that excited my tastebuds – again without having an artificially sweet taste.  I would make this my dinner wine with some lemon broccoli and roasted baby red potatoes…. Mmmm.

For dessert, the Rose.  The pink color captures the flavors of red fruits.  Fresh strawberries, melons, and cherries give this wine a mellow sweetness that I loved.  I’m thinking strawberry shortcake would be so wonderful with this wine!

Now the red blend I put off because I really like rich bold peppery reds.  Honestly, it was my least favorite of the bunch because it was a softer blend.  You do get hints of the cherry, chocolate and blackberries but it is not really intense.  That being said, probably a lot of you would prefer this casual red to taste just that way!  So please do try it for yourself.  

The Light Grape line also has a reduced alcohol content (8.5%) which makes it a great casual wine. 

Accoloade wines has surpased my expectations with this line and I don’t feel so bad about having a second glass.  I think I just might fit into my swimsuit this season!

Along with my Light Grape wines, I also got the perfect picnic pack of wine accessories.  The awesome Go Vino plastic wine glasses (reusable) and chiller carrying bag.  Just chill the bag, place your bottle and carry it off to your party, bbq, camping, whatever! 





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  1. Kathy Davies says:

    What a treat. Love the Chardonnay. And only 80cal/5oz!
    I ll be back for more.

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