Did you know #4…series

As I have mentioned previously, we live in the country and  I do mean country. It is a 30 minute one way trip to town, and that is just to the ‘edge’ of town. To get anywhere to shop, work, or the doctor we are looking at a 45 minute drive. Now if it is rush hour of course it takes longer.

Living here we have lots of privacy, peace and ‘natural’ visitors. Who or what you ask? Deer, rabbits, bear, raccoons, opossums, mice, snakes, birds by the bucket full and various other little critters like chipmunks.

I love watching them but I do not like them in my garden. So that brings me to our “Did you know #4”. HOW to keep these beautiful critters from eating my garden, vegetables and fruit before I do!

We do not use pesticides or other chemicals. We are trying to be as green as possible for the safety of our food, our water (our water supply comes from a well) and our animals.

One way to keep those pesky critters out of your garden is with: human hair. Yes, they smell it and will go away. They try to avoid human contact, so the hair around the edges of your garden will keep them out. 

Another thing is perfume or strong soap. Deer and rabbits especially do not like the smell of detergents. However, perfume and detergents are full of chemicals, so neither is ideal for me.

And the biggest way to keep them out…urine. Human urine. You could have your husband, boyfriend or son urinate around the edges of your garden. This is the best and sure-fire way to keep those critters out. Living in the country we don’t have to worry if our neighbors see, but I have held off on this tidbit of information, I really don’t want my husband to ‘whiz’ around the garden.  Of course, you can always put up a fence or use wildlife netting over your plants.

Now ya know, which will you use? Just so you know, we use fencing.


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