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Decorate with Cranberries for Christmas

Cranberries for Christmas

Cranberries for Christmas - Decorate with Cranberries/ Daily Dish Magazine

 Have you ever decorated your home with cranberries for Christmas?

They are easy to use and their bright red colour makes it them perfect to use for your Christmas decor.

Use what you have around your house to make wonderful centerpieces.  These can be placed on your mantel or even on your table.  For the centerpiece in the picture all I did was fill some mason jars with water, added some greenery (that I snipped from the neighbor’s bush), some cranberries and a floating candle (or tea light).  I added some greenery around the jars.  Perfect, easy and inexpensive.

Decorating with Cranberries for Christmas/Daily Dish Magazine

Another way to use cranberries in your Christmas decorations is to fill a punch bowl with water.  Add enough cranberries to that the berries are covering the top of the dish.  Add candles and plastic or real flowers.  Beautiful, elegant and inexpensive.

Cranberries have been used for years to make garlands.  Even in the early days, people would string cranberries,popcorn, acorns and wrap the garland around their trees. 

 Cranberry Garland

Picture credit: Cranberry Garland/Ocean Spray


photo credit: eHow

 Thread cranberries on thin florist wire and loop the garland with some greenery around your chandelier .  Would be perfect if you have a regular light fixture or if you have a chandelier that you can add candles to .

photo credit:

Make cranberry trees by pinning the cranberries with a silver pin onto a styrofoam tree form.

Photo credit: Midwest Living

Cranberries are an inexpensive and easy way to decorate for Christmas.  They have been used in Christmas decorating for many, many years.  The use of this fruit at Christmas has been used because of their bright red colour, winter availability and that they can last for a long period of time. 

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