Declutter & Organize Your Office!

What is it about the New Year that puts me in cleaning mode and makes me want to remodel my home? My theme for 2017 is going to be: minimize, declutter & organize! 

We’re in the process of getting ready to repaint and get our office ready for two to share. This means I get to design! I’ve been busy pinning all the things I love to get ready to update our home. 


 Organize Your Office


Declutter & Organize Your Office!


Starting in the office, I want to do away with highly visible areas to store my things. That’s why I love this desk vs shelves. You can use the cubbies for storage bins to keep things out of site and clean looking. 

A storage ottoman is a great place to keep things like your printer paper, paper cutter, hole punch, etc… that are eyesores floating around the office. 

On my blank wall, I am obsessed with the rustic pipe shelves. This will be perfect for our monitors next to the desks and add some decorative items, storage boxes and more. 


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