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A Day at the Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo/ Daily Dish Magazine #indianapoliszoo #zoo #familyfun

A Day at the Indianapolis Zoo

I love spending time at the zoo.  It is so much fun being able to visit them and see all the animals and also learn something new about them.  This week I was lucky enough to spend time at the Indianapolis Zoo with my nieces.  As they live near the zoo it is one of their favorite places to go and the family has a season pass.

Indianapolis Zoo - Daily Dish Magazine #indyzoo #zoo
My nieces and I at the Dolphin Pool

Our first destination was to find the Forest.   As the day was hot and muggy, the forest was the perfect place to walk around with all the trees and vegetation.  Our first stop in the forest was to the bat caves.   We were lucky to arrive there just at feeding time, so were able to see the African Straw Colored Fruit Bats enjoy a meal of lettuce and fruits.

Indianapolis Zoo - The Bat Cave/ Daily Dish Magazine #zoo #indyzoo

Other animals that you can visit in the forest are the Alaskan Brown Bear, Bald Eagle, Ring-tailed Lemur and many others.  The Forest is the perfect place to get out of the hot blazing sun and enjoy a more temperate temperature.

From the Forest we were transported to the Desert as if we weren’t hot enough.  As you walk into the Desert you do feel like you are there with the lizards and turtles and cactus’ that are  in this oasis.  As we sweltered under the hot sun of the desert, we were able to learn about the blue lizard and even able to take a picture with him and his keeper.

Indy Zoo/ Daily Dish Magazine #zoo #Indianapolis

 Once we left the Dome of the Desert we were able to enjoy seeing different types of snakes that would be found there. It also was fun to watch the Meerkats play on the desert floor, finding food and running through the tubes that were set out for them.

From the Desert we stepped into the African Plains to see the lions, zebras, rhinos and cheetahs roam in what looks like the natural habitat.  We also had to stop and watch the elephants, my favorite animal.

Indy Zoo - African Plains/ Daily Dish Magazine. #zoo #plains #

In the Plains we stopped by the Baboon cages to rest and enjoy some Dippin’ Dots.  As we sat there we could hear and see the baboons have a disagreement, just as siblings or friends do.  One of the baboons then headed over to the corner to dig in the dirt and maybe possible to sulk. 

Treat at the Zoo/ Daily Dish Magazine #zoo #indyzoo
Treat at the Indianapolis Zoo

Our last stop was to the Ocean to pet the smooth dogface  sharks, see the dolphins,watch the penguins have their lunch and  many other animals of the ocean.   The girls enjoyed counting how many sharks they could actually touch. 

The Ocean at Indy Zoo/ Daily Dish Magazine #ocean #indyzoo

We also stopped at was the Orangutan center which is newly opened.  The Orangutans weren’t very active and as there were so many people at the glass it was hard to see them.  We did watch a short film to learn all about these new animals at the Zoo.

It was a fun day at the Indianapolis Zoo and I had some alone time with my nieces.  We all enjoyed being able to interact with some of the animals and learn a little bit more about them, along with having some good exercise as we walked through visiting all the wonderful animals at the Indianapolis zoo.

What is your favorite animal?

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