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You’re lounging in your backyard on a warm summer night. A cool drink in one hand a flyswatter in your other one. Mosquito season is upon us.
We are all familiar with some sort of biting bugs. Depending where you live you can be facing mosquitoes, chiggers, blackflies and an assortment of hungry bugs that want to make you part of their dinner.
According to the American Mosquito Control Association these little pests fly up to 1.5 mile per hour. So might be able to outrun them. You could coat yourself with bug spray, drape mosquito netting or stay inside.
Another choice is that there are some things you can do naturally to lessen or eliminate the mosquito population in your yard.
Remove their breeding ground.
Get rid of any standing water or places where rain water has collected. Clogged gutters, buckets, flower pots, tarps, pool coves and old container are prime places breeding. Bird baths, kiddie pools, pet bowls and butterfly gardens need the water replaced every few days.
Make your surroundings less attractive to adult mosquitoes.
Keep grass trimmed and weeds to a minimum. Fans in your immediate area can circulate carbon dioxide-a major attraction- away from you. Burning bug repellent candles can also help. A few carefully placed plants that contain natural essential oils like scented geraniums and mints both confuse and repel insects.
Make yourself less attractive too.
Plain, light colored clothing is less attractive than dark or bright patterns. Avoid tight fitting clothing that is easier for them to bite through. Floral perfumes and soaps can attract some species. Unfortunately sweat and our natural body odor are impossible to totally control. Wiping exposed skin often with a damp towel can be refreshing and help reduce scent.
If you feel you need to use repellents like those containing DEET remember to keep the spray on your shoes and clothing and off your skin.

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