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Creamed Turkey Over Toast #AnolonCookware

Creamed Turkey Over Toast

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was given an item to review from the following company. As always, you can be assured that I will give you my honest opinion, good or bad. 

Anolon Cookware

Sometimes as a blogger, your family gets into things that they are not supposed to. I don’t want to name anyone, clears throat.. the Man, knew that I was going to do a review on a certain Anolon Cookware Pan. I guess he decided to throw that knowledge out the window when he saw it sitting on the table. Now, him trying out the cookware before me normally wouldn’t have been a big deal, except for the fact that he didn’t read the instructions. Go figure, right! If he had read the instructions he would have read, that BEFORE you use the pan, you need to soak it in some baking soda and water BEFORE you use it for the first time. You see because of the copper, it has a coating over it. See, I knew all of that, which is why it was sitting on the kitchen table waiting for ME. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper when I saw what he had done. I grabbed the pan and soaked it per the instructions. I was able to get it all off, although there are two spots on the bottom of the pan. Thank goodness for the face that it seems to not have harmed the pan in any other way. In fact, we haven’t used any other pan since we got this one. It is AWESOME!! When I use my old pan, I have to move it around to get everything cooked. You know what I am talking about, don’t you?! Turn it a little to the right, and then the left, and sometimes all the way around. UGH! Nothing ever cooks evenly in it.

I am in love with my Anolon Nouvelle Copper 12 inch Skillet ($99.00 retail value). I would not tell you that if it wasn’t true! Trust me, I am a very honest person, and will always be truthful with all of you. The pan cooks everything nice and evenly! There is no turning it just so to get it to do this. You can leave it in one place the whole time you are cooking!  Another huge bonus about this pan is that it also cleans up in a snap. There is no scrubbing or soaking needed before washing. I always had to soak my other pan. It didn’t seem to matter what I cooked in it. 

Here is how Anolon describes the skillet on their website:

From countertop to stovetop and beyond, the European-inspired Anolon Nouvelle Copper Nonstick 12-Inch French Skillet delivers superior, professional-quality performance with a sophisticated look. This versatile, large-sized skillet features durable, hard-anodized construction crafted with copper to deliver optimum heat control, and its double full cap base includes a copper core layered between aluminum and magnetized stainless steel, making it suitable for all cooktops, even induction. The skillet’s restaurant-tested Autograph® 2 nonstick is metal utensil safe and easy to clean, so a frittata made with farm-fresh eggs requires little to no butter or oil, and each delicious serving releases from the pan with ease. A generously appointed cast stainless steel handle is attached to the pan body using innovative flat-rivet technology for a clean and continuous interior surface. Oven safe to 500° F, this European-inspired skillet is an ideal complement to many other items in the Anolon collections.

I thought I would share a super easy recipe with you that I made for dinner tonight using my new skillet. I tend to just throw things together and not measure when I cook, but hopefully if you try the recipe it will turn out as good for you as it did for me. When I was younger my mom always made us Tuna Over Toast with Peas. This recipe is for Creamed Turkey Over Toast is very similar. I substituted turkey for the tuna and I added the bouillon for a little more turkey taste.
Creamed Turkey Over Toast
Creamed Turkey Over Toast
Here is what you will need:
3 tablespoons Butter
2 tablespoons Flour
1 large, heaping spoonful of Better Than Bouillon Chicken or Turkey Flavor
Sliced deli Turkey meat, cut into bit size pieces, about two handfuls, or 1 large handful using both hands
Pepper, and Garlic Powder to taste
Canned or Frozen Peas, heated
5 pieces of Bread, toasted
Melt butter in your skillet. Once it starts to get bubbly add the flour, and mix the two together. Add the bouillon, and mix well with a whisk. It may look like it has clumps, but it should just be the bouillon that makes it look that way. Once that is nice and bubbly, start adding milk and whisking it in. I didn’t measure how much milk I added. I just added a little at a time, gave it a good whisk , and then gave it more until I was happy with the consistency. When it has thickened up and you are happy with the consistency, add the turkey, mix it in, and them sprinkle with pepper, and the garlic powder, and mix one more time. Sample it and see if you added enough pepper and garlic, and add more if needed. If you didn’t add enough of the bouillon, you may need to add salt. Otherwise, don’t add salt because that will make it to salty. Let this simmer on low heat. Heat you peas, and toast your toast. Place the toast on your plate, put some of the turkey and gravy over the toast and top it with your peas. 
This will make about 5 servings. 

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