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Cork Pops VinOstream vs. Aervana Wine Aerator & Dispenser

VinOstream vs. Aervana

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When it comes to wine gadgets & gizmos… I can’t help but want them all! Today, Cork Pops was kind enough to send me the new VinOstream Wine Aerator and Dispenser to try and compare to the Aervana that we have currently been using.

I was SUPER excited about trying the VinOstream because we already use the Cork Pops Wine Bottle Opener and LOVE it, so it’s safe to assume this will be equally as great, right!

So I’ve given the VinOstream tries over the last several weeks and can finally share my opinions vs. the Aervana.

VinoStream vs. Aervana Wine Aerator & Dispenser

VinOstream vs. Aervana


  • The VinOstream operates using the Cork Pops low-pressure inert gas cartridge to draw your wine from the bottle through a plastic straw and out into your glass while aerating it at the same time.
  • The Aervana operates similarly, however, it is powered by 6 AAA batteries.

Both are easy to operate and very efficient. I found each gas cartridge to last about 2 1/2 bottles, whereas, the batteries in the Aervana will last several bottles before needing replacement.


  • The VinOstream uses a flexible plastic tube attached to the dispenser which can easily be removed and washed
  • The Aervana uses a stiff hard plastic tube attached to the dispenser which can easily be removed and washed

At first, I didn’t like the flexible plastic tubing in the VinOstream but I soon found out why it is actually the better option. The stiff plastic of the Aervana doesn’t reach the bottom of your bottle, therefore, it always leaves a small amount in the bottle that can not be dispensed and aerated. You must remove the dispenser and pour the last few ounces into your glass. The flexible tubing allows it to be long enough to bend down into the bottom of your bottle allowing it to aerate and dispense all of your wine.


Both dispensers provide adequate aeration of your wine, however, I feel like the VinOstream is a bit more powerful as the wine is dispensed at a faster rate.


  • The VinOstream seems to be very sturdy and pretty basic. I don’t see any reason why this would wear out any time soon. It seems to be constructed mostly of plastic and rubber and allows it to be tossed around without much thought and can withstand water.
  • The Aervana is a bit more fragile, constructed of a heavier plastic-type material and runs on electrical power via the batteries.  It’s not something you want to toss onto the counter, you will need to handle with care. You also need to be careful about water… we knocked ours into the sink into a bowl of water and killed it. So sad. However, if you take care of it, I see no reason it shouldn’t last quite a long time. We’ve been using our current one for about a year with no issues.

Price Point:

  • The VinOstream is priced at an extremely reasonable $28 – That means you can buy more than one and keep one at home, one for travel, one in the RV, etc… It’s not gonna break the bank! The gas refill cartridges are priced about $28 as well for a package of 8 on Amazon.
  • The Aervana is priced about $90 on Amazon with 2-day Prime shipping available. Batteries will not cost you much. We buy our AAA batteries from Amazon as well for a great price!

So as price breaks down, to get you started on VinOstream is pretty cheap, however, you have to consider your cost of gas refills over time. VinOstream says they average 2-4 bottles with each cartridge but we did about 2 1/2 bottles so you could open 20 bottles for $28 – best case if you did get 4 bottles per cartridge you’d open 32 bottles for $28.

The Aervana is a bit higher initial investment, however, batteries are cheap and don’t need to be replaced often.


Well… I love and use them both!

For starters, we often (almost always) have at least 2 bottles open at the same time, so it’s great having more than one awesome aerator and dispenser.

BUT…. here’s how I really use them.

I use the Aervana a lot when I’m at home where I’m in an environment where I can handle the dispenser with care.

The VinOstream I tend to grab when I’m heading out to a party, the porch, the RV, etc… where I don’t have to worry about the environment it’s in. It can be passed around, left outside, whatever it may be, and I’m pretty sure it will be OK. If I happen to misplace it or forget it… no biggie… I can pick up a new one for under $30!

Is one better than the other? Each has its pros and cons but I’d say they both aerate and dispense wine beautifully and it’s much preferred to me than using a glass decanter to aerate and pour from. Bonus… everyone is always super impressed with your fancy gadget when you show up with it!


VinOstream Wine Aerator & Dispenser

Cork Pops Gas Refill Cartridges

Cork Pops Wine Bottle Opener

Aervana Wine Aerator & Dispenser

Have you tried either the VinOstream or Aervana? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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