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Company’s Coming Cookbooks

Nanaimo Bars

Have you ever heard of Company’s Coming Cookbooks?  I am sure you have if you are Canadian and especially Western Canadian.  In 1981, Jean Pare produced 150 Delicious Squares, this was the first of many cookbooks that soon would become Canada’s most popular cookbook series.

Company's Coming Cookbook ~150 Delicious Squares
Company’s Coming Cookbook – 150 Delicious Squares published in 1981

Jean Paré ~  Company’s Coming Cookbooks

Jean Pare  is a caterer and  the author of Company Coming Cookbooks and founder of Company Coming Publishing Limited in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Jean was a well known caterer in her hometown of Vermillion, Alberta. After many request for her recipes, she wrote them in a cookbook.  Her first cookbook was published in 1981 at the age of 53.  Since then she has overseen 17,000 kitchen approved recipes and published over 200 cookbooks.   Most of her cookbooks are one subject with easy to follow recipes and  uses most ingredients that you can find in most households.  Jean Pare retired in 2011 and now resides in Edmonton, Alberta.

Mrs Pare believes in sharing her recipes but won’t share them until she has made them and knows that she would make them again.  Many people have come to love her cookbooks and she has sold 30 million copies of them.   People can relate to her as she was a small town homemaker that was able to go on to fame and fortune but did not loose her values or good taste.

Although I don’t have very many Company’s Coming Cookbooks, my favorite is the 150 delicious square cookbook.  I have made many squares from this book that are both wonderful and delicious, including Nanaimo Bars.  This recipe will be in my next post about Canadian cooking but I will leave you with a picture.

Nanaimo Bars - recipe from Company's Coming Cookbooks
Nanaimo Bars ~ the top are made with a peppermint filling and the bottom are original bars

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  1. Catherine Bridger says:

    I use to be able to download your list of cookbooks but it seems that this is no longer available. Why? Where can I get a complete list?

    1. Hi Catherine, sorry it seems some of our links were broken. I updated the post above and hopefully that helps. Check out the link above “more cookbooks by Jane Pare”

  2. Catherine Bridger says:

    I have been trying to get a complete list of all Company’s Coming Cookbooks. I have been collecting them and would like to know which ones I am missing. Is there a website where there is a complete list? Thanking you in advance.

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