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Caring For Spring Bulbs #GardenSense

spring bulbs collage

We all enjoy the first flowers of spring. I know I can’t wait until crocus, snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, Lily of the Valley and more appear in my garden.

The fact is that most of those early flowers are bulbs.
Taking care of these plants during and after the blooms can ensure a shower of color for years to come.
Here’s some tips to help spring bulbs do their best!

Deadhead dying flowers. Allow leaves to remain until yellow or dry. Plants need to continue to feed the bulbs through their leaves. Nourished bulbs have a better chance to survive winter.

If you spring feed bulbs, apply a low nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen encourages leaf growth and does little for blooms. It is better to keep bulb beds moist but not wet and fertilize in fall. Mulching can help maintain moisture.

Divide bulb clumps as necessary every few years to promote strong roots and healthier plants.

Remember to enjoy these flowers while they last! Press or dry a few if you can!


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