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Cafe Flora, Vegan Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options – Seattle IFBC

oaxaca taco

This year at IFBC13 we were treated to a very special event.  A surprise dinner sponsored by UrbanSpoon!  All the bloggers at the conference were assigned a time to catch a charter bus to a special dinner destination picked just for them.  I was so lucky to be picked to go to Cafe Flora in Madison Park area of Seattle.  

Cafe Flora is an amazing little restaurant with an abundance of ambiance.  The serve up gourmet Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options.  Believe me, with our group of bloggers who were the “dietary restrictions” group, they had their hands full and they absolutely delivered!  We had an amazing time talking about our diets and ironically, we ended up sharing a table with a professional BBQ competitor!  It was truly amazing to have such acceptance and support with this group and I will always remember this dinner. 

Dinner.. oh yes.. the dinner! 

We started with a few varieties of fruit and olive platters with crackers (gluten free option available) and followed up with  Chantrelle Mushroom and Potato Pierogies!





Next was a Vegan Caesar and a Nectarine and Black Rice Salad.  The Vegan Caesar was AWESOME!


Pizza came out next. About 3 different varieties and all were amazing. Gluten free, Vegan and Vegetarian options on all the pizzas.  Amazing! 



If that wasn’t enough, the best was about to come.  The Oaxaca Tacos.  Tortillas wrapped around fluffy mashed potatoes atop a bed of black beans.  Simply perfect. 

oaxaca taco


For dessert, I chose the Vegan Coconut Cake.  OMG! Yes.. Seriously! OMG!  I would make the trip to Cafe Flora just for this!



While I enjoyed a wonderful glass of Malbec with my meal, the other options looked wonderful as well.  I really want to try the rosemary lemonade my next visit.  

Perhaps the very best thing I learned on this trip… Cafe Flora has a cookbook! Yay! 

The next time you are visiting Seattle. You must give this restaurant a try.  A quick 5 minute drive straight up Madison from downtown and you are there!  You will NOT be sorry whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo, or carnivore! 




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