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Best Weight Loss and Fitness Apps

Is your New Year Resolution to lose weight? Exercise more?

Yeah, me too! 

The advantage we have in 2014 is our abundance of technology.  By utilizing our smartphones and tablets, we have more tools available to us than ever to be successful. 

I do have to plug MY own e-book that has just been published on Amazon as well! It is full of printable planners and trackers PLUS a great list of healthy recipes! Check Weight Loss Smart Planner: Tools you Need to Succeed in Losing Weight out for Kindle! 

Weight Loss Smart Planner: Tools You Need to Succeed in Losing Weight



NOW… Here are some of the best apps I have found for Android and Kindle 

FREE Apps 

63 Simple Weight Loss Tips  “This app features useful tips and ideas from my own experience, and from various other people, who shared them in person, on forums, social media sites etc. Most of the tips are common sense, but when written down, they provide a lot of “aha” moments. The benefit is that it allows you to verify that the activities you are performing are aligned with what really works.”


Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal I personally use this app and love it and know many others who do to.  It is simple to track your food, plus you can link other fitness apps to it to help you track your exercises!  Add your friends and instantly create a motivational group to help support you in your weight loss. 
itunes link: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal – MyFitnessPal.com


Runtastic GPS Running, Walking & Fitness Tracker This pedometer can be linked to MyFitnessPal app to update your mileage.  
itunes link: Runtastic PRO GPS Running, Walking & Fitness Tracker – runtastic


Sworkit – Circuit Training Workouts  Easy timed exercise circuits that can be targetable for specific areas if you choose. 
itunes link: Sworkit – Circuit Training Workouts – Ryan Hanna


Daily Ab Workout FREE , Daily Workouts FREE and Simply Yoga FREE
itunes links: Daily Ab Workout FREE – Personal Trainer for Quick Abs Workouts – Daily Workout Apps, LLC     Daily Workouts  FREE – Personal Trainer for a Quick Workout – Daily Workout Apps, LLC  and  Daily Yoga – Lose Weight, Get Relief – DailyYoga.com

Cooking Light Magazine (Kindle Tablet Edition) ~ Love this e-magazine for healthy low calorie recipes.

Fitness Magazine ~ Great for the latest updates in fitness products and simple exercises at home.


Paid Apps: 

Ultimate Food Value Diary Plus – Calculator, Scanner, Database, Weight Tracker with Target & Milestone Watchers Mobile Tracking App is a top choice for those using weight watchers to help meet their goals.  Reviewers state it is more helpful than the weight watchers app itself.  $2.99
itunes link: Ultimate Food Value Diary Plus – Calculator, Scanner, Database, Weight Tracker with Target & Milestone Watchers Mobile Tracking App – Fenlander Software Solutions Ltd


EatingWell Magazine ~ $5/year ~ One of my favorite healthy recipe magazines

Weight Watchers Magazine $1/month ~ Perfect motivational tool and resource for healthy recipes

Shape Magazine $1.50/month ~ Fun fitness magazine


This is a fun idea that we just started using ourselves.  The Fitbit tracker is a simple bracelet that tracks your steps and sleep and automatically syncs wirelessly to your computer and allows you to login via PC or app and update your food and exercise easily. 

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black


I’d love to hear what some of YOUR favorite apps are.  Leave them in the comments and I will add them to the resource list! 

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